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pharma2 [pharmasquare]
the blended learning concept for pharmaceutical sciences


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The main aim of pharma2 is to use the strength of different educational methods in the real and the virtual room and to combine them to optimize the student's learning process in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Telepoly lectures are transmitted by a videoconference system between Basel and Zurich. Since the students prepare part of these lectures individually in the learning environment, more challenging and complex subjects can be discussed in the lecture.

Complementing the individualization of learning in the virtual room new technologies simplify the presentation of complex content. pharma2 supports the understanding of molecular structures and their interactions with biological targets, complicated biological cascades or the relationship of structure and function by 3-dimensional pictures and animations.

PharmAskYou allows to control the individual learning progress by diversified tests and to stimulate the students' learning motivation by sophisticated feedback.

Students are not only involved in the project as learners, they also take part in the creation of modules during internships or diploma theses, supported by PhD-Students and scientific associates. This procedure ensures a level adapted to the students needs and is conducive to the high acceptance of the web-based learning environment.


Educational Concept:

The main focus of pharma2 lies in the curriculum for pharmaceutical chemistry.

pharma2 offers most part of the theoretical knowledge in face-to-face events as Telepoly , whereas individual learning is supported within the virtual learning environment pharma2.

face-to-face components:

  • Telepoly lectures (Basel-Zurich) concerning drug effects on molecular level
  • Seminar and practical lab course

e-learning- components:

  • preparation and repetition modules
  • test- and training system PharmAskYou
  • videobased, interactive Learning System ViLab

The virtual learning environment is coordinated with the Telepoly-lecture and also fully integrated in the curriculum.

By using the preparation modules that are offered online to the students, the lecture can start on a higher level.

With the test and training system used in parallel to the lecture, the students get feedback about their learning progress.

Technical Concept:
Tetrodo is a framework to create modern, adaptive, interactive and flexible learning environments. The separation of content, design and educational concept allows flexible changes and a sustainable and reusable composition of content. The framework using Java, XML and SCORM facilitates an easy implementation also for other fields than pharmaceutical sciences. The framework is developed in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Basel and is implemented the first time in pharma2.