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pharma2 [pharmasquare]
the blended learning concept in pharmaceutical sciences


pharma2 [ pharmasquare] is a blended learning concept for pharmaceutical sciences. It combines the strength of face-to-face learning and e-learning with the goal to optimize the student's learning process.

pharma2 consists of a face-to-face component with Telepoly-lecture, seminars and practical training in the laboratory and an e-learning section. This multimedia-based interactive virtual learning environment, with the test and training system PharmAskYou and the videobased, interactive Learning System ViLab, is a flexible supplement to the traditional education. The students can prepare parts of the exam or alternatively repeat material of earlier semesters in their own pace.

> Demo - learning environment (german)   
PharmAskYou enables the control of the individual learning progress and stimulating the students' learning motivation by selective feedback. An important designated aim of the developers is not to test and train only knowledge, but also areas on a higher cognitive level (taxonomy of Bloom) as analysis, synthesis or evaluation of a problem.  

Tetrodo is a framework to create modern, adaptive, interactive and flexible learning environments. The framework is developed in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, University of Basel, and is used the first time in pharma2.